The touristic itinerary

The touristic itinerary Sui Sentieri degli Ezzelini lungo il Muson e il Lastego is long 40 km. The first stretch has been inaugurated on the 19th of May 2012 and it covers around 19 km, running mainly along the torrent Muson, sometimes also along the Musonello, touching the towns of Riese Pio X, Loria, Castello di Godego, Castelfranco Veneto and Resana.


The second stretch, inaugurated on June, 21st 2015, covers around 20 km of length within the territories of Crespano del Grappa, Paderno del Grappa, Fonte and Asolo. The first part of the latter, flanks the Muson from locality Spineda in Riese Pio X to the old Maglio in locality Pagnano d’Asolo, from where it is possible to walk to the locality called Casonetto, in Asolo (about 2 km). The second part takes origin from the first one at Ponte Scremin, in Pagnano d’Asolo, and touches the eastern side of the town center of Onè di Fonte, crosses Fonte Alto, following, then, the torrent Lastego into the valle dei mulini (valley of mills). Along the border between Crespano and Paderno, it leads into the natural park of San Pancrazio in Crespano, then it starts to go up on via Valderoa until the locality Castagner dea Madoneta, then it comes down on Via Nova and finally it goes up again to rejoin the Grappa itineraries in the locality San Liberale in Paderno.

The tourist can enjoy a path which, starting from Padua through the Sentiero di S.Antonio and the Sentieri degli Ezzelini, leads, after about 73 km, to the slop of Mount Grappa, from where all the mountain itineraries and trails start. In this map we suggest other ring itineraries available in our land which will guide you into an historic and nostalgic journey, discovering monuments, villas, water sources, springs, parks and traces of the venetian tradition. From the springs of Lastego, you can reach the botanical educational garden Astego, giving an evocative view spanning from the top of Mount Grappa, to the hills of Asolo and to the plain of Treviso.


Not far from here, at San Zenone degli Ezzelini, the so-called town of Verdelfo (a funny elf, symbol of San Zenone), there is the Oasis of S.Daniele and at Crespano, the “Center Don Chiavacci”, with the astronomical observatory and labs for environmental education. In the area of Asolo, at Castelcucco in the glade Val dea Tor, near the ancient church of Santa Giustina, and at Monfumo, where the ancient brown coal mines drill the rock, you can find the springs of Muson. The trail crosses the State highway 248 Schiavonesca-Marosticana at the southern point, where you can take via Ca’ Falier along the Muson. Between Riese, Loria and Godego you can have a break in the Parks of Muson/Musonello and at the ancient Shrine of S.Pietro. At Castelfranco Veneto, birth town of Giorgione, the Park of Villa Bolasco and the Academic Theatre would appeal the visitors thanks to their harmony and beauty. On the Westside of the trail, the tourist can easily reach the cycling lanes of Brenta, passing through Bassano del Grappa and the walled town Cittadella.


At Resana, towards Treviso, the cycling lane Green Way del parco del Sile provides uncontaminated natural landscapes, gradually turning into seascapes. The map gives us a comprehensive view of the territory of our 9 towns, once domain of the medieval family Ezzelini. We shall valorize all the single elements highlighted in this map, hoping they would be discovered and enjoyed by inhabitants and tourists. Finally, after 20 years, today we can see the whole path completed “Sui Sentieri degli Ezzelini lungo il Muson e il Lastego”. A special thank to the Veneto Region for its contribution to this inter-city map and to all the Municipal Administrations that has been involved so far, thanks to the project manager and to everyone who has been supporting this project.